• Classroom
  • Online, Instructor-Led
Course Description

The CFR course is an interactive, hands-on boot camp that enhances incident response skills and cross-trains IT professionals. One of the key benefits of the CFR program is it attracts problem solvers with the technical and functional skills that can work across industries and job types. The course is aimed at improving the front lines of defense. The course focuses on improving the KSAs needed to conduct vulnerability assessments with various tools; correlate data from multiple sources; identify, collect, and analyze data that may be used as evidence in an investigation, criminal or otherwise; and assess the behavior of personnel involved in an incident. The course covers analyzing technology and threat landscape trend data; how to collect and analyze intelligence data; coordinating the roles of an incident response team as well as external communication. The course promotes a comprehensive approach to security including performing both non-technical and technical evaluations of risk and vulnerabilities.

Learning Objectives

In this course, you will assess and respond to security threats and operate a systems and network security analysis platform. Assess information security risk in computing and network environments.

You will:

  • Analyze the cybersecurity threat landscape.
  • Analyze reconnaissance threats to computing and network environments.
  • Analyze attacks on computing and network environments.
  • Analyze post-attack techniques on computing and network environments.
  • Evaluate the organization's security posture within a risk management framework.
  • Collect cybersecurity intelligence.
  • Analyze data collected from security and event logs.
  • Perform active analysis on assets and networks.
  • Respond to cybersecurity incidents.
  • Investigate cybersecurity incidents.

Framework Connections