• Classroom
  • Online, Instructor-Led
Course Description

The CISSP Exam Preparation course is an essential component of a candidates preparation to successfully earn a CISSP certification. This course reflects the 2018 published CISSP exam objectives and all of the concepts, terms, techniques, approaches and technologies necessary to pass the CISSP exam. Our course is updated on a quarterly basis to ensure the best coverage possible.

Instructors: Beyond a dry online, self-paced approach and far superior to minimally qualified and "official" instructors our course features only instructors who have taught CISSP for over 100 classes over a decade or more incorporating real life scenarios, props and demonstrations.

Material: Our course material include course slides, and handouts and has been developed and improved over the last 18 years. It contains illustrations, tables, mnemonics, and diagrams not available in any textbook. Lantego students are exposed to the best material available for CISSP preparation.


Learning Objectives

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of all concepts, methods, procedures, techniques, terms and technologies of the 2018 CBK.
  • Develop the best personal approach for studying for the exam. Including memory techniques, test preparation plans, test taking tips and tricks, and understanding how to carefully read, dissect, and answer CISSP questions.

Framework Connections