The DHS PushButtonPD™ is a simple, no-cost, self-contained Excel workbook file. Managers, Supervisors, and HR Specialists can use the tool to rapidly draft a federal employee Position Description (PD) without the need for extensive training or prior knowledge of position classification.  It is designed to present language from multiple, mission-critical authoritative sources and standards for duties, tasks, and KSAs (knowledge, skills, and abilities); rapidly capture the hiring official’s requirements; and present them in a robust hiring package that can be easily integrated into existing agency HR processes. 

For more information on the PushButtonPD™ tool or if you need technical support, please contact Ann Hannon at

Helpful Resources

  1. View instructions on how to download the PushButtonPD™ tool
  2. TOOL:  DHS PushButtonPD™ Generation 5v3 (Requires MS Excel)
  3. DHS PushButtonPD™ Basic Position Description Generation (PPT)
  4. DHS PushButtonPD™ Demos, Training and Support (PDF)
  5. DHS PushButtonPD™ Background (PDF)
  6. DHS PushButtonPD™ Gen5v3 Generating PMs (PDF)
  7. DHS PushButtonPD™ Gen5 Capabilities Description (PDF)
  8. Writing Cybersecurity Job Descriptions for the Greatest Impact (PDF)
  9. DHS PushButtonPD™ Gen5v3 Checksum Verification (PDF)
  10. DHS PushButtonPD™ Gen5v3 Release Notes (PDF)
  11. DHS PushButtonPD™ Feedback Sheet (PDF)
  12. DHS PushButtonPD™ First-Use Instructions (PDF)
  13. DHS PushButtonPD™ Troubleshooting - Block Content (PDF)
  14. DHS PushButtonPD™ Internal Operation (PDF)
  15. DHS PushButtonPD™ Skill Code Remapping (PDF)
  16. DHS PushButtonPD™ Gen5 Tool Brochure (PDF)
  17. DHS PushButtonPD™ Tool Demo and Training Remote Link
  18. OMB Max CSIP Website (Public version executable and documentation) - Requires access to CSIP section


“The Cybersecurity Strategy and Implementation Plan (CSIP) for the Federal Civilian Government directs DHS to begin piloting their Automated Cybersecurity Position Description Hiring Tool across the Federal Government.  DHS is also directed to develop and report on performance and adoption metrics so that agency leadership can better understand how to leverage the tool.  Used in concert with relevant OPM Position Classification Standards, the tool will assist in the implementation of the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) Framework by consistently mapping the NICE job codes according to selected skills and KSAs (Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities).  The tool enhances cybersecurity workforce recruitment by decreasing the applicant time-to-hire and by ensuring cybersecurity job announcements contain clear, technical content.” Source: OMB Memo 16-04 Objective 4.b. October 30, 2015. The Cybersecurity National Action Plan (CNAP) incorporates all of the CSIP initiatives and includes new actions to drastically improve Federal agencies’ cybersecurity.