Veterans and Military Personnel: Begin a New Cybersecurity Career

Veterans and military personnel looking to transition out of the armed forces, are you ready for your next mission? With over 469,000 open cybersecurity jobs in the U.S. alone, we need your help. Did you know cybersecurity professionals report a median salary of $120,000. That’s nearly three times the national average! The demand for cybersecurity experts is growing faster than the current U.S. job market, making cybersecurity one of the most highly sought-after careers in the country.

Our nation needs more cybersecurity professionals at all levels, in every organization, and in every region. Veterans and transitioning military personnel who served and protected the nation are very well positioned to transition into these open cybersecurity jobs. This is true for any prior military career field you trained in.

For Veterans:

To help Veterans enter this rewarding career field, CISA provides Cybersecurity Training and Education for Veterans: A user guide for those who formerly served in the U.S. Armed Forces. This guide includes a variety of tools and resources to help Veterans begin a career in cybersecurity including free online training and certification prep courses, information on cybersecurity-related degree programs and scholarships, and much more.

Click below to access the complete guide to CISA’s cybersecurity education and training opportunities for Veterans.

Download the Veterans User Guide now!

For Veteran-Serving Organizations:

Is your organization hiring Veterans? Download the free Cybersecurity Training and Education for Veterans: Champion Communications Manual to help your organization quickly get the word out about these valuable resources. The Manual includes helpful materials, such as:

  • Sample emails and easy instructions on how you can distribute resources to your members
  • Sample blog posts and social media messaging to help you spread the word
  • An informational poster about free training to display in your workspace  

Download the Communications Manual now!