Welcome to the Cyber Career Roadmap (Multi-Pathway Tool)!

This digital tool offers an interactive way for working professionals (cyber and non-cyber), employers, students, and recent grads to explore and build their own career roadmap across the 52 different NICE Framework work roles. The start of your next cyber journey is only a few clicks away.

Users can select up to five work roles to learn more about their shared skillsets, alignment to the Cyber Skill Communities, or related specialization and functions. The Cyber Career Roadmap highlights the mobility between these connection points to help you and others determine the next steps in your career progression and skillset development. The tool also offers recommended on/off-ramps (i.e. steppingstones) and secondary work roles to consider and pursue in your career roadmap.

No matter where you are in your cyber career, the Cyber Career Roadmap provides a starting point in career planning.

To get started, select from three to five work roles of interest, or use the search bar.

Begin typing to search work role names.

The NICE Framework data used for this tool is from the NICE Framework Components v1.0.0.