Are you a teacher or educator looking to incorporate cybersecurity into your lesson plans? Do you want to help your Kindergarten through 12th grade (K-12) students learn about cyber concepts and career opportunities?

The Cybersecurity Education and Training Assistance Program (CETAP) equips K-12 teachers with curricula and education tools to help students gain a better understanding of cybersecurity. Through CETAP, CISA supports CYBER.ORG to develop and distribute cyber, STEM, and computer science curricula to educators across the country.

CYBER.ORG's cyber-based curricula and initiatives provide opportunities for students to increase their awareness of cyber issues, engage in cybersecurity education, and ultimately become a cybersecurity professional. These programs focus on growing and educating the next generation cyber-literate workforce by empowering K-12 educators with curricula, professional development workshops, and cybersecurity career awareness resources.


[…] I love seeing and actively participating in these lessons. The [CYBER.ORG] staff were down to earth, entertaining, and spoke my language!”
- Cyber Education Discovery Forum Attendee

I walked away with so many ideas and ways I can implement them into my classroom and at our school. I really appreciate all of the curriculum that was shared and how easy it is to access and use. I feel like I’ve been inspired and see how important and effective it is to use the EDP and Computational Thinking on a regular basis."
- CYBER.ORG Professional Development Attendee

I love that the students are learning the basic curriculum goals, while creating something they never have before. The kids have enjoyed the projects and take away more of an understanding than they think."
- CYBER.ORG Teacher