Are you a high school student looking for cybersecurity information and resources to be successful? Do you have what it takes to combat cybercrime?

Almost everything we do connects to the internet, but our line of defense against possible cyber threats is limited due to a lack of cybersecurity professionals. Are you ready to protect our nation’s infrastructure? Get started today!

Cybersecurity (definition): the practice of protecting networks, systems, programs, and data from criminal or unauthorized use.


Did You Know there are over 4 million open cybersecurity positions around the world? Our nation needs qualified, capable cybersecurity professionals to combat cybercrime and protect our country’s critical infrastructure.

Cybersecurity Salary: Where Can You Go?

With so many college degree programs and career options out there for high school students to consider, it can be difficult to choose the right route for your future. Check out the table below to compare the years in school and starting salary possibilities to potential career paths you may be interested in and see how cybersecurity ranks among the most popular.

Six rows showing career paths, with the years in school required to begin those career paths and their average starting salaries.
Career PathYears in SchoolAverage Starting Salary
Electrician6 months – 2 years$55,000
Liberal Arts4 years$40,000
Business4 years$61,000
Cybersecurity2 years$70,000
4 years$116,000
Lawyer7+ years$120,000
Doctor10+ years$208,000

Ready to Get Started?

Collegebound! Where? How Will You Pay?

  • Cybersecurity Colleges & Universities
    • Over 400 two- and four-year colleges and universities across 48 states, District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico are nationally recognized by CISA and NSA in cybersecurity.
    • Check out two- and four-year colleges and universities offering cybersecurity degree programs in your area!
  • Scholarship Opportunities
    • Receive up to $27,000 for undergraduate studies and up to $37,000 for graduate studies!
    • Participate in virtual and in-person job fairs in Washington, D.C.

    Learn more about schools offering cybersecurity scholarships!

Let’s Have Some Fun!

Looking for more ways to get involved in cybersecurity online in your community? With opportunities available across the country, there is always something exciting going on in cyber. Check out the list below to explore more ways to expand your cybersecurity knowledge and skills.

  • Download Cyber Games & Videos!

    • Defend the Crown: CISA partnered with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) to create Defend the Crown, a game where users must protect castles from potential invasion by deploying various cyber defenses. Download the app via the Apple AppStore and Google Play.
    • Cyber Safety Video Series: CYBER.ORG and CISA partnered to produce this Cyber Safety Series highlighting some common potential threats you're likely to face online and what you can do to make sure you stay safe.
  • Join Clubs

    • National Cybersecurity Student Association: The National Cybersecurity Student Association is a resource hub to enhance the educational and professional development of cybersecurity students through activities, networking and collaboration. This group supports the cybersecurity educational programs of academic institutions, inspires career awareness and encourages creative efforts to increase the number of graduates in the field.
    • Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA): DECA is more than competitions, blazers and medallions. Joining DECA is the first step you can take towards achieving your goals and realizing your greatest potential. Your membership in DECA provides you the opportunity to participate in DECA’s high school programs at the local, chartered association and international levels.
    • Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA): FBLA provides, as an integral part of the instructional program, additional opportunities for secondary students (grades 9–12) in business and/or business-related fields to develop vocational and career supportive competencies and to promote civic and personal responsibilities.
  • Participate in Camps & Competitions 

    • CYBER.ORG Camps & Competitions: Clubs and camps build soft skills like teamwork and communication alongside hands-on experiences. CYBER.ORG offers a variety of opportunities throughout the year to participate in camps and competitions including the National Cyber Cup, CyberStart, and Capture the Flag competitions.
    • Cybersecurity Competitions & Games: Check out the cybersecurity competitions and games that CISA helps sponsor, co-host, or participates in such as the US Cyber Games, National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition, President's Cup, and more!

Explore Cybersecurity Career Options

Cybersecurity is not just hackers in hoodies sitting in a dark room.

Cybersecurity careers are also about communicating your findings, managing teams and tasks, and being creative. Our country needs individuals with cybersecurity skills at all levels of every organization, in all industries, from finance to healthcare to entertainment.

Check out the profiles below to learn more about your cybersecurity career options!