• Online, Self-Paced
Course Description

As organizations continue to migrate to cloud infrastructures; development teams are finding themselves using GO as a tool of choice. Lightweight and quick to compile due to generous libraries and abstractions, GO makes it easy to program concurrent and distributed (read: cloud) applications it offers a slew of benefits from Static compilation with no dependencies, a strong standard library, a full development environment, and the ability to build for multiple architectures with no minimal hassle.

Learning Objectives

On successful completion of this course, learners should have the knowledge and skills to:

  • Use the Go language to validate Web application input
  • Prevent common injection attacks such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting
  • Prevent common session-related application vulnerabilities such as session hijacking and cross-site request forgery
  • Implement cryptography properly in Go applications
  • Use various HTTP headers to improve security of Go Web applications

Framework Connections

The materials within this course focus on the NICE Framework Task, Knowledge, and Skill statements identified within the indicated NICE Framework component(s):

Specialty Areas

  • Software Development