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Course Description

In this course, students learn how to access the PowerShell commands included with ECM 2203 and use them to perform configuration tasks for a primary site. Individual cmdlets will be used in working with objects such as Boundaries, Boundary Groups, Collections, Software Deployment, Patching, Compliance Settings, OSD Task Sequences, and many others. Basic scripting will also be covered so that students can learn how to put PowerShell to use when working with large sets of objects.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

Create additional site system roles on existing or new servers.
Modify high level site settings.
Create and modify Discovery Methods, Boundaries and Boundary Groups.
Create Collections using any of the membership rules available.
Delegate authority through Roles and Scopes.
Install the Configuration Manager client, modify client settings and restrict access to site systems.
Deploy software to clients.
Deploy software updates to clients.
Configure compliance settings targeted against collections.
Modify settings that govern monitoring functions such as Alerts and Status Settings.
Work with Task Sequences for Operating System Deployment.
Write basic PowerShell scripts using cmdlets learned and scripting constructs to accomplish configuration tasks.

Framework Connections