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Course Description

Advanced Desktop OS Troubleshooting is the operating system portion for preparation of the A+ Certification and PC Pro Certification. This course includes an in-depth coverage of the nuances of the Windows client operating systems. It will also explore methods of making operating systems more secure.

Learning Objectives

Students completing this course should be able to:

  • Disassemble and reassemble a working compute
  • Handle and repair components in a safe manor for both the student and the component
  • Evaluate a non-working computer system and suggest repairs or upgrades
  • Identify hardware in a computer system
  • Convert between decimal, binary, and hexadecimal numbering systems
  • Establish a local computer network
  • Load and configure a working Windows Operating System
  • Apply computer settings for individual optimization
  • Understand FAT filing systems and NTFS filing systems
  • Evaluate the security issues of FAT Tables and the more secure NTFS
  • Optimize appropriate RAM on a computer system
  • Partition a hard drive for multiple operating systems
  • Upgrade and repair field replaceable units on a computer system
  • Make minor repairs and upgrades to a laptop computer
  • Evaluate a computer system for individual customers, making suggestions to optimize the system for the individual
  • Configure the power management features on a computer system
  • Control access to a computer and the files that may be shared
  • Prevent and repair infections of malware on a computer
  • Design, implement, and configure physical security of computers

Framework Connections