• Online, Instructor-Led
Course Description

The SLAM-R 3.X Range Manager Differences Course of Instruction (COI) has been created to provide the differences between the CENTS® SLAM-R Version 2.10 and Version 3.X Web Clients. Topics include an overview of the latest CENTS environments, administration of the SLAM-R exercise control platform, and building training and exercises using SLAM-R.

Learning Objectives

• Discuss the physical configurations of CENTS Equipment Variants and Rack Components.

• Understand SLAM-R 3.X functionality and operation.

• Discuss the management of system permission settings using the Authorization option.

• Discuss Log Management.

• Discuss the Infrastructure Management option.

• Discuss the Image Management option.

• Discuss License Management.

• Discuss the use and purpose of the Web Client.

• Discuss the use and purpose of the Device Manager.

• Discuss use and purpose of the Traffic Manager.

• Discuss the use and purpose of the Attack Manager.

• Discuss the use and purpose of the Network Manager.

• Introduction to Exercises Planning and Execution.

• Perform Exercise Planning in the CENTS Immersive Training Environment.

Framework Connections