• Online, Instructor-Led
Course Description

The Instructional System Design (ISD) Using the Cyberoperations Enhanced Network & Training Simulators® (CENTS®) Learning Management System (LMS) Course of Instruction (COI) has been created to address gaps in training of personnel who use the CENTS LMS as a training platform. Topics within the course include an overview of, configuration of, and operation of the LMS, and the steps involved in planning a course in the LMS. Some topics within this course are refresher training for topics learned in the Industry certification, college-level IT and Cybersecurity degrees, and military training.

Learning Objectives

• Discuss the functional overview of the CENTS Learning Management System (LMS).

• Discuss the deployment of the CENTS LMS training environments.

• Discuss the initial configuration of the CENTS LMS.

• Discuss navigation and management of courses in the CENTS LMS.

• Discuss the Role-Based Access Controls and enrollments using the CENTS LMS.

• Discuss the course competencies and grading to support training IAW CENTS documentation.

• Discuss the course maintenance and back-up procedures.

• Discuss how to add course feedback within the CENTS LMS.

Framework Connections