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  • Online, Instructor-Led
Course Description

Emphasizing wireless computing security, this course addresses how to secure mobile wireless computing devices and applications and wireless network security as it impacts those portable computing devices. Wireless network security is discussed as it pertains to decisions on which network security works best with particular applications loaded into wireless computing devices. The course covers security of CMRS and PCS (Cellular Mobile Radio Service and Personal Communications Service), CMRS and PCS second, third and fourth generations (2G, 3G and 4G) , laptops equipped with Wireless Network Interface Cards (WNICs), Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), Bluetooth and Zigbe devices and "Radio Frequency Identity (RFID) devices. Retail store security and proximity payment application security are also discussed. Note: students are required to purchase a mobile device specifically to fulfill course lab requirements.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand Wireless network architecture and security standards.
  • Understand Spectrum usage and regulations.
  • Understand Cost/benefit analysis of security risks inherent to wireless systems for management purposes.
  • Understand Current best practices for wireless network administration.
  • Understand Tools for managing wireless implementation.
  • Understand Common techniques for the successful integration of wireless networking within an organization.
  • Understand Typical network security policy issues and recommended practices.
  • Understand Strategies for authenticating users and devices over wireless networks.
  • Understand Methods of securing wireless transmissions (e.g., encryption, VPN).
  • Understand Perimeter security issues associated with wireless implementations.
  • Understand Common vulnerabilities and exploits affecting wireless networks and smartphones.
  • Understand Smartphone Security Architectures.

Framework Connections

The materials within this course focus on the Knowledge Skills and Abilities (KSAs) identified within the Specialty Areas listed below. Click to view Specialty Area details within the interactive National Cybersecurity Workforce Framework.