• Online, Instructor-Led
Course Description

This course combines certain aspects of our cyber intelligence, counterintelligence, influence operations, and cyber operations development training. The course follows traditional tradecraft within the intelligence and counterintelligence domains while including near-current influence operations focusing on disinformation with conspiracy theories, and the rapid constitution of hacktivist and proxy cyber operations groups.

Learning Objectives

This is an intense course that covers six days of training and hands-on case studies. We need six days to cover the material, address case study needs, and see a level of results from planning execution. The course works in a live online environment using operational security mechanisms to maintain anonymity. Laptops must have administrative access. Prior to class, an open-source install list is provided to enrolled students. PCs work best or VMs running Windows software. We examine adversary militias and hacktivist groups, their methods, recruitment, virtual locations, targeting and toolsets. Students also review friendly cyber militias and foreign legions, their legality, program development, recruitment, skill development, tool creation from simple to complex, the use of the cloud, militia coordination, and adversary targeting.

Framework Connections