• Online, Self-Paced
Course Description

Xamarin software enables the development of cross-platform mobile applications using C#. This course covers creating separate Xamarin Android and iOS projects in Visual Studio that can share code within a single solution. It covers how to create a Xamarin.Android project, how to add controls and work with images and how to use the Android emulator. It also covers how to create a Xamarin.iOS application, use the iOS Designer to add controls, work with layouts and images, and connect to a Mac build host to use an iOS emulator.

Learning Objectives

Building a Xamarin.Android Project

  • start the course
  • describe the nature, purpose, and characteristics of Xamarin
  • create a basic Xamarin Android project as part of a cross-platform solution and examine project elements
  • run a Xamarin application in an Android emulator
  • specify a linear or relative layout for a Xamarin Android UI
  • use the Android Designer to configure controls for a Xamarin.Android UI
  • reference and code basic functionality for Xamarin Android UI elements
  • enable touch in a Xamarin.Android project

iOS Application Development Requirements

  • outline requirements for developing Xamarin.iOS applications using Visual Studio
  • connecting Windows Visual Studio and Mac OS X Xamarin services

Creating an iOS Project

  • create a Xamarin iOS project in Visual Studio as part of a cross-platform solution and configure the Info.plist
  • describe how to use storyboards in the iOS Designer to design an application visually

Creating the iOS UI

  • use the iOS Designer to add controls to the UI for an iOS application
  • code basic functionality for Xamarin iOS UI elements
  • enable touch in a Xamarin.iOS project
  • describe and work with Xamarin iOS layout settings
  • run a Xamarin iOS application in an iOS emulator and debug the application

Working with Resources

  • use and manage image resources in a Xamarin.Android Project
  • use and manage image resources in a Xamarin.iOS Project
  • use reflection to identify resources for Xamarin projects
  • use caching to optimize use of reflection to identify resources

Components and Nugets

  • add a component from the Xamarin Component Store to a project
  • add a Nuget to a Xamarin project

Practice: Xamarin Android and iOS Projects

  • practice programming basic Xamarin Android and iOS applications

Framework Connections

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