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Course Description

Scripting languages, such as JavaScript, are common in programming. Not only can they make coding less cumbersome, but they also add a level of dynamicity to applications. Anyone who wants to get their head around programming needs to know how and why to use JavaScript.

Use this course to explore the origins of scripting in web pages and scripting's contribution to a more dynamic web environment. Find out how to use variables, functions, expressions, and arrays in JavaScript. More importantly, discover how JavaScript can react to events that happen on a web page and contribute to form validation and submission to a back-end database.

Upon completion, you'll know to use JavaScript to make your web pages more dynamic and reactive to user interaction.

Learning Objectives

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Framework Connections

The materials within this course focus on the Knowledge Skills and Abilities (KSAs) identified within the Specialty Areas listed below. Click to view Specialty Area details within the interactive National Cybersecurity Workforce Framework.