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Course Description

There are a number of concepts that encompass what is known as the Service-Oriented Architecture, or SOA. In this course, you'll explore the SOA concepts, such as XML, SOA architecture, services, layers, and the key technologies involved in SOA. You'll also explore Windows Communication Foundation, or WCF, as an example of SOA.

Learning Objectives

Introducing SOA

  • start the course
  • describe the principles of SOA
  • describe what services are and how they fit into the SOA model
  • recognize the role that XML plays in the SOA model
  • describe the technology standards employed by SOA
  • describe the benefits that the SOA model can bring to typical business organizations

SOA Architecture Basics

  • recognize what architecture is and how SOA fits this model
  • describe the roles of web services in SOA and demonstrate using a sample
  • recognize the processes involved in SOA and the role they play at the different stages of the SOA life cycle
  • recognize the layers of SOA and the role they play in an SOA application


  • recognize how Windows Communication Foundation can be used as a service-oriented development tool
  • recognize how to install WCF components to use in SOA development
  • recognize what WCF service contracts are and the role they play in SOA
  • recognize how to perform XML serialization and deserialization using WCF
  • recognize what WCF data contracts are and the role they play in SOA
  • describe what WCF message contracts are and the role they play in SOA
  • describe the options for hosting WCF services
  • recognize the options for consuming WCF services in the SOA model

Managing WCF Services

  • describe what business drivers are as they relate to WCF services in the SOA model
  • recognize how to develop custom code for monitoring WCF applications
  • recognize how to use configuration files in a WCF application
  • recognize how implementing tracing and implementing message-logging capabilities are similar tasks in WCF
  • recognize how to use WCF performance counters

Security in WCF

  • recognize how WCF implements security through the use of credentials
  • recognize how WCF implements security using the transport-level model
  • recognize how WCF implements security using the message-level model

Practice: Service Oriented Architecture Concepts

  • understand the basic concepts of the Service-Oriented Architecture

Framework Connections

The materials within this course focus on the NICE Framework Task, Knowledge, and Skill statements identified within the indicated NICE Framework component(s):

Specialty Areas

  • Software Development
  • Systems Architecture
  • Systems Development