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Course Description

A handy procedure in Python for controlling the execution order of program statements is to implement branching operations using conditional statements, such as 'if' and 'else'. In this course, you'll learn how to use statements, loops, and comprehensions.

First, you'll implement the conditional if statement. Then you'll use the else and elif statements.

Moving on, you'll use Python's looping constructs, including the for-loop to iterate over elements in complex data types as well as over lists, tuples, and dictionaries. You'll use the while-loop and the break, continue, and pass keywords to further control loop execution.

Finally, you'll implement list comprehension in Python, an elegant and efficient way of generating lists using 'for loops.'

When you're finished with this course, you'll be able to write conditional statements in your code and perform looping and branching operations using for and while loops.

Learning Objectives

{"discover the key concepts covered in this course"}

Framework Connections

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Specialty Areas

  • Software Development