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Course Description

This 14-video course explores physical penetration testing, and how to test a business's infrastructure, including IT assets, its data, people, and physical security to locate any exploitable vulnerabilities. In this course, you will learn why lockpicking is essential in cybersecurity, and you will examine different types of locks and lockpick tools. This course demonstrates several types of penetrations, including EM (electromagnetic security vulnerabilities), dumpster diving, and tailgating, and how to protect against these attacks. You will learn about penetration testing types, including network services, web and client applications, Cloud penetration, penetration testing of wireless networks, and social engineering. Learners will explore several penetration tools, including Kali Linux, which comes with tool such as Nmap, Wireshark, and John the Ripper; the Aircrack suite; OpenVas, and several others. You will learn about web app security testing methodologies. Learners will observe the elements of a successful report, and how to document penetration testing results. Finally, this course demonstrates practicing testing skills by using Grier Demo website.

Learning Objectives

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