• Online, Self-Paced
Course Description

Today's web applications combine software code and resultant data, with the trustworthiness of both resulting in a secure and trusted application. There are many planning strategies and tools that can ensure software and data integrity.

In this course, learn about IT supply chain security, deploying Linux updates, and configuring a Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) host. Next, explore object-oriented programming (OOP) and how it is related to insecure deserialization attacks. Finally, practice ensuring file integrity using file hashing in Windows and Linux and using the OWASP Dependency-Check tool to verify that publicly disclosed vulnerabilities are not present in a project's dependencies.

Upon completion, you'll be able to ensure the integrity of software code, dependencies, and resultant data.

Learning Objectives

{"discover the key concepts covered in this course"}

Framework Connections

  • Oversight and Governance
  • Protection and Defense

Specialty Areas

  • Cyber Defense Analysis
  • Cybersecurity Management
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Management