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Course Description

Oracle Database 12c offers different features to enable a full recovery of the database in case of a failure. Depending on the Oracle system that is running, different solutions can be used. This course discusses the backup and recovery solutions available in Oracle Database 12c as well as the Oracle Database Server architecture. It will also explain and demonstrate how to configure Recovery Manager, RMAN, and how to create a recovery catalog for managing database backup, restore, and recovery processes. This course is one of a series in the Skillsoft learning path that helps prepare the learner for the Backup and Recovery portion of the Oracle exam 1Z0-063, Oracle Database 12c: Advanced Administration.

Learning Objectives

Backup and Recovery Solutions

  • start the course
  • identify the features of Oracle Database 12c
  • identify recovery requirements
  • identify the different types of failures that can occur
  • describe backup and recovery solutions
  • describe the benefits of using Oracle Secure Backup and Oracle Data Guard
  • describe the different architecture types for the recovery solutions


The Oracle Database Architecture

  • identify the structures in the Oracle server architecture
  • identify the process used in an Oracle server architecture
  • identify the components of a Grid infrastructure for a stand-alone server
  • explore the Oracle Database environment in Linux
  • identify the different DBA tools that are used to manage a database
  • use RMAN to back up a database in NOARCHIVELOG mode
  • identify how to perform a restore of a database in NOARCHIVELOG mode


Configuring RMAN and Files for Recovery

  • configure RMAN persistent settings
  • configure the retention policy using RMAN
  • describe the fast recovery area
  • configure the fast recovery area
  • size and manage the fast recovery area
  • multiplex control files for recoverability
  • multiplex redo log files for recoverability
  • configuring ARCHIVELOG mode and the archived redo log files for recoverability


RMAN Recovery Catalog

  • describe the use of the RMAN recovery catalog
  • create the RMAN recovery catalog
  • register a database in the RMAN recovery catalog
  • register the recovery catalog to be used by Cloud Control
  • identify how the recovery catalog is resynchronized
  • use RMAN stored scripts
  • back up the RMAN recovery catalog
  • create and use virtual private RMAN catalogs


Practice: Configuring for Recoverability

  • configure RMAN for recovery and create the Recovery Catalog


Framework Connections

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