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Course Description

This 10-video course explores how to use joins to combine data from different relations in meaningful ways. Learners will examine why joins are such a powerful and ubiquitous concept in data analysis. Begin by observing how SQL features several types of joins, and how these can be understood, and will examine each type of join in depth. You will examine the cross join, which is the simplest kind of join, and is also known as a Cartesian join. Then examine inner joins, which can be expressed as a combination of the cross join operator along with a filter. This course continues by examining the three types of outer joins, the left, the full, and the right outer join. You will explore natural joins, which could be an inner or an outer join where two additional conditions are satisfied. You will examine several features of the join keyword. Finally, this course demonstrates how to use MySQL platform to support several varieties of different joins types.

Learning Objectives

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