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Course Description

SELECT statements are used to retrieve data from MySQL tables or views. Explore the syntax and use of the most common SELECT statement elements, including SELECT, FROM, WHERE, and ORDER BY, as well as unions and joins.

Learning Objectives

MySQL Database Development: SELECT Statement and Operators

  • recognize the basic syntax of the SELECT statement and how it is used to retrieve data
  • create SELECT statements using the WHERE and ORDER BY clauses to limit and order returned records
  • create INSERT INTO statements using SELECT to copy data between tables
  • create SELECT statements using the JOIN clause to return records from multiple tables
  • create SELECT statements using the UNION clause to combine the result of multiple SELECT statements into a single returned dataset
  • use comparison operators on both number and string values in SELECT statements
  • use logical operators to test values in SELECT statements
  • use assignment operators in SELECT statements to assign values to variables
  • use control flow operators to control the results returned by SELECT statements
  • work with various operator types to create effective SELECT statements

Framework Connections

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