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Course Description

Java, an object-oriented programming language, is one of the most widely used development languages in the world today. It allows programmers to create objects that can interact with other objects to solve a problem. This course covers working with interfaces and lambda expressions. In addition, it explores creating a customer generic class, using the diamond operator to create an object, creating a collection by using an old style syntax and generics, using enumerated types, as well as implementing an ArrayList, a Set, a HashMap, and a Stack using a Deque. It also covers working with collections using the stream application program interface or API. This course can be used to as part of preparation for the Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 8 Programmer II exam.

Learning Objectives

Interfaces and Lambda Expressions

  • start the course
  • describe how to work with interfaces in Java
  • use default and static methods in Java interfaces
  • describe how to extend an interface in Java
  • use Java interfaces in a Java application
  • describe how to use anonymous inner classes in Java
  • describe how classes, interfaces, anonymous inner classes, and lambda expressions can be used to provide similar code functionality in Java
  • describe how to use lambda expressions in Java
  • write lambda expressions for a Java application

Collections and Generics

  • describe how to create a custom generic class using the type inference diamond
  • describe the Java Collections Framework
  • contrast the implementation of an ArrayList in Java without and with generics
  • describe how to implement a TreeSet using the Set interface in the Java Collection application programming interface or API
  • describe how to implement a TreeMap using the Map interface in the Java Collection application programming interface or API
  • describe how to implement an ArrayDeque using the Deque interface in the Java Collection application program interface or API
  • describe how to use the Comparable and Comparator interfaces to sort Java collections

Collections, Streams, and Filters

  • describe how to use the builder pattern to create a Java class
  • describe how to iterate through a collection using a Lambda expression
  • describe the Stream Application Program Interface or API and how it can be used to process Java collection elements in parallel
  • describe how to call an existing method using a method reference and how methods can be chained in Java Lambda expressions

Practice: Java SE8 Programming Basics

  • learn the features of Java interfaces, the inner anonymous class, and Java streams

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