• Online, Self-Paced
Course Description

Java, an object-oriented programming language, is one of the most widely used development languages in the world today. It allows programmers to create objects that can interact with other objects to solve a problem. This course begins by reviewing Java syntax and Java classes. It goes on to cover encapsulation and polymorphism in detail. It covers static classes, immutable classes, and the singleton design pattern. It also covers abstract classes, nested classes, and working with enumerations. This course can be used as part of preparation for the Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 8 Programmer II exam.

Learning Objectives

Java Technology, Syntax, and Class Review

  • start the course
  • recall the features of Java technology and describe Java Community Process or JCP
  • recall the structure of a simple Java class with a main method, Java naming conventions, and how to compile and run a program
  • recall primitive variables and operators in Java
  • recall use of if-else and switch statements, iteration with loops, and creating arrays in Java
  • recall String and StringBuilder classes for working with strings in Java
  • recall Java fields, constructors, and methods

Encapsulation and Subclassing

  • describe how to use encapsulation in Java class design
  • describe how to create and use Java subclasses
  • describe how methods and constructors can be overloaded in Java

Overriding, Polymorphism, and Static Classes

  • use access levels, such as private, protected, default, and public, in Java classes
  • describe how to override methods in Java and use virtual method invocation
  • describe how to apply polymorphism in Java
  • override and overload methods and apply polymorphism in Java
  • implementing casting in Java
  • describe how to work with static classes in Java
  • describe how to implement the singleton design pattern
  • describe how to create an immutable class in Java

Abstract Classes, Nested Classes and Enumerations

  • describe how to design general purpose base classes by using abstract classes in Java
  • apply the Abstract keyword to a Java class
  • describe how the final keyword can be used in Java
  • describe how to create and use nested classes in Java
  • implement an inner class as a helper class in Java
  • describe how to create and use enumerations in Java

Practice: Classes for Java SE

  • learn how to use encapsulation, polymorphism, and abstraction in Java 8 programming

Framework Connections