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Course Description

The instantiation of objects in Java is the subject of this 9-video course, in which learners explore how each class has one or more constructor methods. This course examines the default, no-argument constructor provided by Java for each class and shows how constructors initialize member variables to a sensible initial state. Each learner will create his or her own defined class, instantiate that class, and use different types of constructors. You will learn to define your own parameterized constructor and will see that Java automatically removes the default no-argument constructor. Then explore how to implement correct getter and setter methods and to use the getter and setter methods to access member variables from outside a class, along with the use of the private access modifier to regulate such access. This course shows different overloaded methods in the context of constructors. Finally, you will learn that Java allows overloading constructors in a class, and how this ability allows one to create objects by using different methods.

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