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Course Description

Explore working with strings in Java, including the use of mutable strings through the StringBuilder class. Primitive data types, the modulus operator, and the combined assignment operators are also covered.

Learning Objectives

Java SE 11: Strings and Primitive Data Types

  • use String equality methods to compare strings
  • use String lexicographical comparisons to order strings
  • describe the advantages and use of StringBuilder over String for concatenation
  • use StringBuilder to concatenate strings
  • split a string based on a given regular expression
  • split a paragraph of text into words and iterate over the individual words
  • use the String replaceAll method to replace a particular word in text
  • describe the characteristics of primitive data types
  • perform the standard modulus mathematical operation on an integer
  • use operator assignment to abbreviate common operations
  • use StringBuilder to concatenate the values of particular numeric operations

Framework Connections

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