• Online, Self-Paced
Course Description

Explore the JDK API documentation about Java class libraries, including working with date and time objects and methods for nesting loops.

Learning Objectives

Java SE 11: JDK Objects and Nested Loops

  • explore the JDK API documentation to find information about Java class libraries
  • create a LocalDateTime object to display the current date and time
  • work with different calendars to display the date in a non-Gregorian date format
  • use the Java DateTimeFormatter to display the date in different formats
  • parse a date in a particular localized form and convert it to ISO format
  • use the args array in the main method to accept command line arguments
  • use a while loop construct and nest a while loop
  • use a do/while loop construct
  • use a standard for loop and nest a for loop within the body of another loop
  • given the day, month, and year as command line arguments, output the date in ISO format

Framework Connections

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