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Course Description

Explore the concepts of encapsulation, promotion and casting of variables, conversions, and passing objects and references in Java.

Learning Objectives

Java SE 11: Encapsulation

  • describe the use of static methods and variables
  • create and access static members
  • use constants to represent values that cannot change
  • change numeric variable types through promotion and casting
  • convert numbers represented as strings to their primitive numeric type
  • distinguish between the public interface of a class and the internal workings of the class
  • use public and private access modifiers
  • describe the use of encapsulation in object-oriented design
  • create class setter methods with value checking
  • overload a constructor by adding method parameters to a constructor
  • describe how object references are passed by value as an argument to a method
  • reassign a reference value in a method to illustrate pass by value
  • use a setter method to convert a string parameter to a primitive numeric type

Framework Connections

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