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Course Description

This 11-video course focuses on string objects in Java. Participants will learn the basics of string objects, which encapsulate an array of characters used to compose words, sentences, or any other data one wants. The course demonstrates how to initial string objects and shows how the process of initialization influences comparisons of strings. Begin by initializing strings with StringBuilder and StringBuffer objects, which can be used to efficiently alter and construct strings. Then see how Java initializes the StringBuffer to have a certain initial capacity, and learn how to allocate additional capacity as needed. This course features an in-depth study of the difference between the double equal to operator and the .equals method, when comparing object types that include strings. You will also learn how null is a reserved keyword for literal values. Participants will learn how to encapsulate the eight primitive types of variables into objects with the built-in wrapper classes, by using Java's eight wrapper types.

Learning Objectives

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Framework Connections

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