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Course Description

In this course, learners will focus on creation of multilevel inheritance in Java and how such hierarchies include child and grand-child classes that all inherit from a common ancestor base class. Begin with an introduction to multilevel inheritance, and how you can access multiple derived classes by using a base class in multilevel inheritance. Explore use of the instanceof operator, where you can check that an object is an instance of every class in its inheritance hierarchy. Concerning the Is-A Relationship, you will learn how to apply multilevel inheritance when every object of the derived class is an object of the base class, but not every object of the base class is an object of the derived class. Examine downcasting; see how to upcast multiple levels; learn why downcasting is very dangerous; and perform various upcasting operations. After moving on to multilevel inheritance hierarchies, you will construct two parallel base classes and derived classes for each of those base classes. Finally, explore use of the extends keyword, recognizing situations where multiple inheritance is allowed.

Learning Objectives

{"discover the key concepts covered in this course"}

Framework Connections

  • Software Development