• Online, Self-Paced
Course Description

iOS 12 apps should be built alongside a solid suite of tests to aid in maintainability. Learn how to set up testing in an iOS project and how to work with errors that can arise while developing iOS apps.

Learning Objectives

iOS 12 Development: Testing and Error Handling

  • create an enumeration to represent a set of related errors in an iOS app
  • throw custom errors in a Swift based iOS 12 app
  • use a do/catch block to handle errors being thrown
  • handle errors internally in a methods body rather than propagate them further
  • decide which errors to throw and which handle internally in a method
  • convert thrown errors into optional values when it makes sense to do so
  • disable error propagation in situations where we expect errors will not be thrown
  • work with errors in methods that require error pointers
  • use the debugging features of XCode to find and fix bugs in an iOS app
  • create unit test targets and classes to support executing unit tests in an iOS app
  • execute unit tests to validate app functionality
  • test methods and operations that execute asynchronously
  • create and throw errors in an iOS app

Framework Connections

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