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Course Description

ASP.NET Web API is Microsoft's framework for creating HTTP-based, RESTful services using the .NET Framework. It provides a strongly typed programming model for working with various components of HTTP. In this course, you'll get started with ASP.NET Web API 2, beginning with an overview of web APIs and HTTP, design options for ASP.NET web applications, and how to use Postman to make web requests and explore web APIs. Then you'll learn about navigating web API project templates, API controllers and action methods, working with responses, and hosting web APIs using ASP.NET. Finally, you'll explore model binding and simple type binding conventions, parameter binding with complex types, how to validate information sent in requests, and how to validate information by adding data annotations. This course was originally created by Global Knowledge (GK).

Learning Objectives

{"describe what a web API is and how it's used"}

Framework Connections

  • Systems Architecture