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Course Description

Explore the key penetration (pen) testing concepts such as vulnerability assessment, types of pen testing, and threat actors, in this 14-video course. Discover why pen testing is needed and investigate tools used for pen testing. Key concepts covered in this course include pen testing, a set of tasks that are performed by ethical hackers against an organization, but in a legal way; steps performed during the pen testing process; and reasons why an organization needs to perform pen testing and distinguish between pen testing and vulnerability assessments. Next, you will compare the different types of pen testing and learn the weaknesses of pen testing; learn the various types of tools used in pen testing and the target selection for pen testing; and learn the types of assets in an organization; compare the types of risk responses that an organization may adapt. Finally, learners observe how to use the Metasploit framework in Kali Linux; and how to create an exploit by using MSFvenom.

Learning Objectives

{"introduce the key concepts of the course"}

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