• Online, Self-Paced
Course Description

Explore microservices management and persistent data management in Docker using Docker Compose.

Learning Objectives

Docker for Java Microservices: Managing Microservices on Docker Using Compose

  • define the concept of repository in Docker and Docker Hub
  • demonstrate how Docker and Maven can be used for automating container management
  • describe and illustrate Docker orchestration and microservices management
  • demonstrate how to work with automated build on Docker Hub
  • identify the roles and capabilities of Docker Compose in container management
  • demonstrate container orchestration and Docker management using Docker Compose, Cloud Ops, and Docker Cloud
  • work with multi-container services with the use of Docker Compose
  • identify the multi-file capabilities and various other properties of Docker Compose
  • describe how Docker facilitates persistent data management using the various components of Docker
  • work with persistence management in applications using Docker volume
  • describe Docker operation management in cloud instances
  • work with Docker Compose to simplify container management

Framework Connections

Specialty Areas

  • Software Development