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Course Description

Knowing how to maintain a healthy DevOps environment in all scenarios is a fundamental skill of the Support Engineer. In this course, you'll explore how to establish a performance test strategy for microservice-oriented applications, the different types of routers for connecting internal networks with external networks, and the features and issues associated with edge routers.

Next, you'll identify how to troubleshoot slow connection and timeout issues when accessing AWS EC2 instances. You'll examine how to use CloudWatch metrics, tune the performance of web servers that host applications deployed using DevOps pipelines, benchmark network throughput among Amazon EC2 Linux instances, and configure firewall rules.

You'll move on to learn to use the AWS Trusted Advisor and install, configure, and use JMeter to conduct performance, functional, and load testing. Finally, you'll see how to use iPerf and JPerf and configure GoReplay to record live traffic and load test for potential issues impacting performance.

Learning Objectives

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