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Course Description

Apple Watches allow the wearer to integrate rich applications into their everyday life. Since Apple Watches have become so popular, an in-depth knowledge of how to write Apple Watch applications is an in-demand skill for application developers. In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of writing an Apple Watch application. You will also learn the architecture of Apple Watch applications, a few navigation techniques, and how to design a user interface.

Learning Objectives

Apple Watch Programming Concepts

  • start the course
  • recognize the concepts and steps involved in developing Apple Watch applications
  • describe the tools used in developing Apple Watch applications
  • describe how the WatchKit app and the WatchKit extension work together to implement an app's interface
  • identify the target structure when building a WatchKit app
  • configure a project by adding a WatchKit app to an iOS project

Configuring and Building Watch Apps

  • create and run a simple application
  • describe the various app testing and debugging techniques
  • describe the various phases of the WatchKit application life cycle
  • recognize and use life cycle functions

Working with WatchKit

  • describe how data is shared between WatchKit and iOS apps
  • perform communication tasks between WatchKit and iOS apps
  • describe existing iOS technologies and how they work with the WatchKit app
  • describe how remote control events manage video/audio playback on a paired iPhone

Apple Watch Navigation

  • distinguish between paged-based and hierarchical navigations
  • create a storyboard
  • describe how storyboard navigation differs between the WatchKit and iOS apps
  • use interface objects and controllers

UI Design with WatchKit Guidelines

  • use buttons, switches, sliders, and menu items in the user interface
  • use tables to display dynamic data lists
  • use images and graphics in an Apple Watch app
  • recognize the different ways to layout an Apple Watch app

Working with User Input

  • use objects that contain and display text
  • describe how to format, position, and layer controls, and use fonts
  • use context menus in an Apple Watch app
  • describe how users and application preferences are stored and recalled

Practice: Creating Apple Watch Applications

  • create and deploy a simple Apple Watch application

Framework Connections

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