• Online, Self-Paced
Course Description

WCF has a lot of power and flexibility. Explore transactions and how to add them to services and clients, and also explore WCF service configuration.

Learning Objectives

Developing Azure & Web Services: WCF Transactions & Services

  • describe distributed transactions, their scope, and the two-phase commit protocol
  • configure contracts and bindings to support transactions
  • add transaction support to a WCF service
  • use a distributed transaction from a client
  • use a service proxy with Visual Studio to consume a WCF service at design-time
  • generate proxies by using SvcUtil
  • create and configure bindings for WCF services
  • configure WCF services by using Configuration Settings
  • use a service proxy with ChannelFactory to consume a WCF service at run-time

Framework Connections

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