• Online, Self-Paced
Course Description

NoSQL databases provide a mechanism for retrieval and storage of data other than RDBMS. They are attractive to developers due to their simplicity of design and finer control over availability. In this course, you'll learn about security issues and how to address them. The course also covers the considerations that must be identified when dealing with HL7, HIPPA, and PCI.

Learning Objectives

Security and the Cloud

  • start the course
  • describe some of the security issues that should be considered when choosing a solution
  • describe when it is appropriate to use a cloud implementation
  • identify the three main types of cloud
  • identify some of the different subsections of the HL7 format
  • define HIPAA and describe what it is used for
  • recall some of the standards for PCI
  • identify security flags when using cURL
  • recall the three main factors to consider when thinking about an encryption solution
  • identify some of the major security flaws with NoSQL

Customizing CouchDB

  • recall how to set a session timeout limit
  • recall the types of information that will be returned when using cURL to GET a database
  • recall the proper formatting of the PUT command using cURL
  • recall where the log file is located

Practice: Cloud implementation in NoSQL

  • describe different types of clouds and identify and address security flaws.

Framework Connections

  • Data Administration
  • Systems Administration