• Online, Self-Paced
Course Description

In this course, we will explore containerizing and deploying your Microservice with Docker. This creates reliable and repeatable deployments.

Learning Objectives

Deploying Your Microservice in Containers

  • start the course
  • install Docker as a container manager for applications in Windows
  • use Docker components within Visual Studio
  • run a basic Docker image in Windows
  • build Docker images for development and deployment
  • manage and control Docker images using built-in tools
  • migrate image from development to your server
  • deploy a microservice to an image
  • utilize Microsoft Azure services to deploy a container
  • configure and use logging for your Docker images
  • monitoring images at any time using Docker
  • updating a microservice on an existing image
  • implement best practices for microservice lifecycle

Practice: Working with Docker

  • build and run a simple image with Docker

Framework Connections

The materials within this course focus on the Knowledge Skills and Abilities (KSAs) identified within the Specialty Areas listed below. Click to view Specialty Area details within the interactive National Cybersecurity Workforce Framework.