• Online, Self-Paced
Course Description

Debugging is a necessary part of the development process, but there are numerous tools available to the developer. In this course, you'll explore various debugging tools, including Performance Monitor, PerfView, and DebugDiag. You'll also learn about Visual Studio Online, as well as some debugging tips.

Learning Objectives

Performance Monitor

  • start the course
  • recognize what Performance Monitor can do
  • recognize the features of Performance Monitor
  • recognize the Performance Monitor interface
  • use Performance Monitor
  • recognize .NET performance counters


  • recognize what PerfView can do
  • recognize the features of PerfView
  • install PerfView
  • recognize the PerfView interface
  • use PerfView


  • recognize what DebugDiag can do
  • recognize the features of DebugDiag
  • install DebugDiag
  • use the DebugDiag Analysis module
  • use the DebugDiag Collection module

Visual Studio Online

  • recognize Visual Studio Online
  • sign up for Visual Studio Online
  • create a team project with Visual Studio Online
  • manage code with Visual Studio Online
  • collaborate with Visual Studio Online

Debugging Tips

  • use simple code to crash an application
  • use Event Viewer
  • generate a crash dump
  • attach the debugger to a crashed process
  • recognize how to remotely monitor a process using the Visual Studio debugger

Practice: Debugging Tool Features

  • understand the features of debugging tools including Performance Monitor, PerfView, DebugDiag, and Visual Studio Online

Framework Connections