• Online, Self-Paced
Course Description

Finding weaknesses in cryptosystems is not simply an exercise for cryptanalysts but also a goal of hackers. This course explores cryptographic and wireless attacks and will prepare you for the Security+ SY0-501 exam.

Learning Objectives

Cryptographic Attacks

  • start the course
  • recognize brute-force and dictionary attacks
  • demonstrate brute-force tools
  • describe birthday, known plaintext, and cipher attacks
  • compare online vs. offline attacks
  • define collisions
  • describe downgrade attacks

Wireless Attacks

  • recognize replay attacks
  • specify initialization vector weaknesses
  • compare evil twins and rogue apps
  • describe jamming
  • compare bluejacking and bluesnarfing
  • define WPS attacks
  • recognize disassociation attacks
  • compare RFID and near field communication (NFC)

Practice: Crypto and Wireless Attacks

  • recognize cryptographic and wireless attacks

Framework Connections