• Online, Self-Paced
Course Description

Xamarin software enables the development of cross-platform mobile applications using C#. This course covers how to enable Android and iOS projects how to implement components and how to share code using code projects and class libraries. Xamarin software includes Xamarin.Forms, which allows you to create a single user interface solution that maps to native controls on different platforms. The course will cover how to create a Xamarin.Forms solution in Visual Studio, how to work with layouts and lists, and how to implement page navigations and data binding. It will also cover how to use format the UI, work with data, and support gestures and popups in Xamarin.Forms applications.

Learning Objectives

Shared Projects and Code Libraries

  • start the course
  • create and use shared project in Xamarin cross-platform solutions
  • create a Portable Class Library that can be shared across multiple platforms
  • add classes to represent data to a Portable Class Library
  • include basic data management functionality in a Portable Class Library
  • enable navigation functionality for data in a Portable Class Library
  • add a Portable Class Library to a Xamarin Android project and to a Xamarin iOS project
  • include functionality for visual feedback in the Portable Class Library

Data Access and Web Services

  • include support for SQLite in a cross-platform solution
  • configuring support for a WCF service in a Xamarin.Android application
  • configuring support for a WCF service in a Xamarin.iOS application

Getting Started with Xamarin.Forms

  • define Xamarin.Forms, when it should be used and create a Xamarin.Forms solution in Visual Studio
  • launch the Xamarin.Forms page in Android and iOS
  • using managed and unmanaged layouts in a Xamarin.Forms solution
  • using the ListView control in a Xamarin.Forms solution
  • customize the appearance of cells in ListViews in a Xamarin.Forms solution
  • implement data binding for a Xamarin.Forms object
  • navigate between pages in a Xamarin.Forms application

Images, Fonts and Colors in Xamarin.Forms

  • use local, downloaded, embedded images as well as icons and splashscreens in Xamarin.Forms applications
  • specify fonts in Xamarin.Forms applications
  • specifying colors in Xamarin.Forms applications

Popups and Gestures in Xamarin.Forms

  • add alert and actionsheet popups in Xamarin.Forms applications
  • enable recognition of gestures in Xamarin.Forms applications

Files, Maps and Web Browsing in Xamarin.Forms

  • load files embedded as resources in Xamarin.Forms applications
  • saving and loading files in Xamarin.Forms applications
  • using maps in Xamarin.Forms applications
  • use the Web View control to enable browsing in Xamarin.Forms applications

Databases and Custom Controls in Xamarin.Forms

  • configure SQLite support in a Xamarin.Forms application
  • write a Custom Renderer to customize controls in a Xamarin.Forms application for a specific platform

Practice: Creating a Xamarin.Forms Solution

  • practice creating a Xamarin.Form Solution using Visual Studio and Xamarin

Framework Connections

The materials within this course focus on the Knowledge Skills and Abilities (KSAs) identified within the Specialty Areas listed below. Click to view Specialty Area details within the interactive National Cybersecurity Workforce Framework.