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Course Description

Key aspects of administering Oracle Database 12c include managing client connections to database servers and optimizing the ways data is stored to conserve space and improve system performance. In this course, you'll learn how to manage Oracle Net Services. You'll also learn how to work with tablespaces and data files, and how to manage the space used by the core storage structures, data blocks and segments. Finally, you'll learn about the Undo feature in Oracle Database 12c. This course is one of a series in the Skillsoft learning path that cover the objectives for the Oracle Database 12c Installation and Administration exam (1Z0-062).

Learning Objectives

Oracle Net Services

  • start the course
  • describe the functions of Oracle Net Services and Oracle Net Listener with Oracle Database 12c
  • use Oracle Net Services to connect to an Oracle Database 12c database instance
  • configure naming methods for connecting to an Oracle Database 12c database

Oracle Net Services Tools

  • describe and use tools for managing Oracle Net Services to manage connectivity with Oracle Database 12c
  • use the Oracle Net Configuration Assistant and the Listener Control utility to configure Oracle Database 12c
  • configure advanced connection options and test Oracle Net connectivity with Oracle Database 12c

Server Configurations

  • describe dedicated and shared server configurations in Oracle Database 12c
  • configure communication between Oracle Database 12c database instances

Tablespaces and Data Files

  • describe how table data is stored in Oracle Database 12c
  • create a new tablespace in Oracle Database 12c
  • describe the default tablespaces created in a database and the options for altering the status or state of a tablespace
  • add a data file to a tablespace, modify a data file, and rename and move data files in Oracle Database 12c
  • describe and use Oracle Managed Files (OMF) in Oracle Database 12c
  • monitor Tablespace disk usage in Oracle Database 12c

Data Block and Segment Management

  • describe block space management, including the use of row chaining and migration, in Oracle Database 12c
  • describe segment types and the allocation of segments to extents, and manage free space within segments in Oracle Database 12c
  • describe and control deferred segment creation in Oracle Database 12c
  • describe the phases of a table shrink operation
  • use the Automatic Segment Advisor to shrink segments online in Oracle Database 12c
  • shrink Oracle Database 12c segments using SQL and Enterprise Manager
  • manage resumable space allocation in Oracle Database 12c

Table Compression and Tablespace Management

  • describe the types and uses of table compression in Oracle Database 12c
  • use the Compression Advisor and the DBMS_COMPRESSION package to compress tables in Oracle Database 12c

Managing Undo Operations

  • describe the use of undo records in Oracle Database 12c
  • manage undo records and configure undo retention in Oracle Database 12c
  • describe and enable the Temporary Undo feature in Oracle Database 12c
  • monitor undo operations and use the Undo Advisor in Oracle Database 12c

Practice: Create a Tablespace and Manage Undo

  • create a tablespace, add a data file, and manage Undo operations in Oracle Database 12c

Framework Connections

The materials within this course focus on the NICE Framework Task, Knowledge, and Skill statements identified within the indicated NICE Framework component(s):

Specialty Areas

  • Data Administration
  • Systems Administration
  • Systems Development
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Management