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Course Description

While loops are one way to keep repeating a set of actions until a specific condition is met in Python. In this 11-video course, learners explore the use of while loops, considerations when implementing while loops, and use cases for while loops and for loops. Key concepts covered here include implementing a basic while loop and recognizing what conditions cause it to become an infinite loop; learning to use while loops to carry out actions while evaluating expressions based on numerical and string data; and examining while loops whose iterations depend on user input data. Next, learn syntax for defining while loops within a single line; learn to iterate over a list of elements with while loops; and learn to iterate over multiple lists and tuples with while loops. Learn when it is appropriate to use break keyword to stop a while loop, and learn to break out of a while loop and recognize use of the pass keyword within such loops. Finally, learn skip steps in individual iterations of a while loop using the continue statement.

Learning Objectives

{"discover the key concepts covered in this course"}

Framework Connections

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