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Course Description

Connectivity issues, such as crosstalk, jitter, reflection, and interference, can greatly impact network performance. Discover how to troubleshoot common wired and wireless connectivity issues.

Learning Objectives

Wired Connectivity Issues

  • start the course
  • troubleshoot attenuation, latency and jitter given a scenario
  • given a scenario troubleshoot crosstalk and EMI
  • given a scenario troubleshoot opens or cable shorts
  • given a scenario troubleshooting incorrect pinouts and cable types
  • troubleshoot duplex and transceiver mismatches given a scenario
  • troubleshoot bad ports, bottlenecks and VLAN mismatches
  • troubleshoot damaged cables and bent pins
  • troubleshoot network connection LED status indicators

Practice: Wired Connectivity Issues

  • troubleshoot wired connectivity issues

Wireless Connectivity Issues

  • given a scenario troubleshoot reflection, refraction and latency
  • given a scenario troubleshoot latency, jitter and attenuation
  • troubleshoot incorrect antenna types and antenna placements
  • troubleshoot interference, overcapacity, and channel overlap
  • given a scenario, troubleshoot distance limitation issues and frequent mismatches
  • troubleshoot issues caused by wrong SSIDs and passphrases
  • given a scenario troubleshoot security type mismatches
  • troubleshoot issues related to power levels and signal-to-noise ratio

Practice: Wireless Connectivity Issues

  • troubleshoot wireless connectivity issues

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