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Course Description

Hiring trustworthy and competent personnel is often overlooked when discussing IT security. Exploits take form not only as technical entities, but also as employee workplace violations. In this course, you'll also learn how to monitor and analyze various types of systems for audit and security purposes.

Learning Objectives

Security and Human Resources

  • start the course
  • recognize proper hiring practices
  • provision new user accounts in accordance with organizational security policies
  • apply personnel management best practices


  • distinguish the difference between threats, vulnerabilities, and exploits
  • explain the concept of spoofing
  • craft forged packets using free tools
  • recognize how impersonation can be used to gain unauthorized access
  • recognize CSS attacks
  • recognize root kits
  • explain the concept of privilege escalation
  • distinguish the difference between common exploit tools
  • use Metasploit tools to further understand the attacker toolset
  • use Kali Linux tools to further understand the attacker toolset
  • crack passwords

Monitoring Your Environment

  • recognize the importance of continuous monitoring of various systems
  • distinguish the difference between common monitoring tools
  • monitor the Linux OS
  • monitor the Windows OS
  • configure Windows event log forwarding
  • identify where SIEM is used
  • identify where SCADA and ICS are used in different industries
  • view network utilization

Analyzing Reconnaissance Results

  • analyze timestamped data from various sources
  • identify trends in network usage
  • identify events from specific types of logs

Practice: Personnel Management and Exploits

  • describe the difference between vulnerabilities and exploits as well as use various reporting tools

Framework Connections