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Course Description

Learn important Windows installation and upgrade considerations including drive partitioning, disk formatting, function of the system volume, and critical skills to ensure your installations are a success.

Learning Objectives

CompTIA A+ 220-1002: Microsoft Operating System Installation & Upgrade

  • configure partitions and volumes, create redundant disk arrays, and convert disks
  • configure disk formatting and distinguish between file system types and their use
  • stage and configure alternate third-party drivers to load when necessary
  • differentiate between the Workgroup and Domain setup and when each is appropriate
  • configure settings including time, date, region, and language
  • perform driver management including installation, update, and removal
  • implement automated OS and software updates for Windows, MAC, and Linux
  • use the factory recovery partition to reset a Windows installation
  • format the system volume (boot drive)
  • enumerate the prerequisites for any Windows install and identify which hardware compatibility tool to use for each OS compatibility
  • explain how Microsoft's application compatibility toolset has evolved since AppCompat
  • identify and mitigate OS compatibility/upgrade issues, before they become a problem
  • assess upgrade readiness by demonstrating knowledge of installation requirements, partition types, and upgrade tools

Framework Connections