• Online, Self-Paced
Course Description

Testing in software development is crucial for success and Angular 6 provides a testing environment that makes testing easy. Discover how to use the testing environment to unit or function test your Angular 6 apps.

Learning Objectives

Angular 6 Development: Testing & TDD

  • create a unit or functional Angular unit test
  • create testing modules using the Angular TestBed
  • test an Angular 6 service class
  • test a component using a unit test
  • test a directive using wrapper components in a unit test
  • use a unit test to test a pipe input and output
  • create unit tests for classes that have dependencies using Mocks
  • create unit tests for classes that have dependencies using Spies
  • test components that receive inputs from host components
  • test components that are able to emit output events to host components
  • test services that employ Angular's HttpClient
  • configure tests to run change detection automatically
  • use testing frameworks to do unit and functional tests for an Angular app

Framework Connections

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