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Course Description

This 12-video course explores Hybrid Agile approaches, including situations when a hybrid approach may be appropriate, common hybrid models, and assessments of Agile and hybrid suitability. Discover project tailoring and the impact of hybrid approaches on fundamental Agile values and principles. Begin by looking at the characteristics of various project management methodologies, and then at situations for which hybrid methodologies may be necessary. Next, you will examine the V model, the Spiral model, and Iterative traditional-Agile hybrid models. View different scenarios where various hybrid methods may be applied, and learn about using a hybrid while transitioning to Agile. Consider the Agile-Agile Hybrid, which blends elements of Scrum, Kanban, or Extreme Programming. Discover the assessment tool that predicts suitability of a project to use the Agile, traditional, or hybrid approach, and take a look at project tailoring. Delve into Agile values and mindset, recalling Agile values and conducting an Agile suitability assessment based on these values. In conclusion, explore which areas of the Agile Manifesto may be sacrificed when using a hybrid approach.

Learning Objectives

{"discover the key concepts covered in this course"}

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